Top 5 Witch Garden Décor In The USA

Witch garden decor consists of decorating your garden with witchy items.  There is nothing more peaceful than a garden, a place to relax. And we decorate places that are close to our hearts. A garden adorned with witchy ideas will surely infuse you with great witchy energy.

What if we transformed our garden into a magical place?

The following are top witch garden decor ideas to add that witchy touch to your garden. If you enjoy gardening, then this decor idea will amuse you.

So, let’s grab the witchy broomstick because we are landing in our hocus pocus world.

Top 5 Witch Garden Decor

1. Witch Hat Garden Lights

Witchy Hat Garden Lights
Witchy Hat Garden Lights

Without her long witchy hat, a witch is incomplete, and so is our garden without garden lights.

So then why not change our garden light as a witch hat to make our garden look magical?

You can buy a witch hat or make one by yourself. Making witch hats is simple, and you can find plenty of videos on that. After getting your magical hat, you can place a light or big blub inside it. And hang it inside your garden.

Hanging Witch hats with beautiful and radiant light will give your garden the look of a witch world. You can use a variety of color lights in hats to enhance your witch garden. But to give it the witch touch, the yellow light will be the best.

2. Decorating a garden with crystals

garden decoration with crystals
garden decoration with crystals

Crystal is the most significant part of Witches’ aesthetic. Adding it to our witch garden decor list is necessary. witches use crystals to cast a spell to create tremendous energy. So why not use crystals in our garden to create positive energy?

It is always healthy to spend time with nature. And crystal is one of the beautiful creations of nature. So, using crystals in the garden will make you feel connected to nature.

You can use crystal in various forms as you like. For Example, you can place multiple crystals at one corner of your garden. Or you can make a minor pathway of the crystals. Moreover, at the entrance of your garden, you can place one or more witches’ statues holding crystals and casting spells.

3. Planting Small Flowers in vases that look like Potion bottles

Flowers are the beauty of the garden. A garden without flowers is meaningless. So, isn’t it a great idea to place the beauty of our garden inside magical bottles?

Witches used to store their magic in potion bottles. Maybe potion bottles are small to plant or place flowers. But you can buy a vase that looks like a potion bottle. There are so many types of potion bottles available. You can search for an apothecary vase online.

Apart from flowers, you can put any gardening item in an apothecary vase. The beautiful flowers and apothecary vase is a magical combination.

4. Go crazy with the candles

candle decoration in garden
candle decoration in garden

When the decoration is concerned, you can never go wrong with candles. Candle adds another level of beauty to the place. And that’s what we wish for our garden.

Place as many candles as you can in the garden. Let your Witchy Garden illuminate.

To give your garden a realistic experience, you can use black candles. Otherwise, white or other color candles will also do. The purpose is to brighten our magic place.

You can also add soothing fragrance to your garden by using scented candles. Scented candles make you feel so calm and peaceful. Also, you can use essential oils with the diffuser. Essential oils have the properties to relax your mind.

A Garden full of candles and fragrance sounds like heaven.

5. Leaves Canopy

leaves canopy
Leaves canopy

Light has meaning in the darkness. To use our candle and witch hat garden light to the fullest, we need to plant a place where it can be valued more.

Leaves canopy is one of the best for witch garden decor ideas. Who doesn’t like greenery? The green color represents nature. Moreover, the green color brings harmony. So, first, cover one of the parts of the garden with layers of leaves and tree branches so that a canopy is formed. Then, make it dark with layers of stem, leaves, and branches.

Placing a candle in a canopy is a bit risky to catch fire. However, you can place a few of your witch hat lights on top to avoid this. Get your magical place ready today by using these witch garden decor ideas.


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