Scale on Fiddle Leaf Fig – Causes and How to Deal with Them

Does your fiddle leaf fig has yellow leaves or growing slowly? If that is the case take a look at your fiddle leaf fig’s leaves, stems, and trunk. Do you see any bumps there? If yes, then your fiddle leaf fig has scale infestation on it.

You might wonder where the scales on fiddle leaf fig came from. You are most likely to get scale infestations when you add new plants to your collection. 

Furthermore, these tiny ones are easy to overlook. The more you delay treating your plant, the more damage it is likely to sustain.

Hence, in this article, I am going to tell you what causes scale on fiddle leaf figs, and how you can identify them and deal with them.

So, let us begin

What causes scale on fiddle leaf figs

What causes scale on fiddle leaf figs

Scale on fiddle leaf figs always makes you wonder where they came from. Often, you won’t be able to find out where scale insects came from since they are very sneaky.

However, below are a few common places from which they might have come,

  • The scale might have come from the houseplant that you have recently added to the collection.
  • You may have planted fiddle leaf figs in contaminated potting soil.
  • Your plant can get scale infestation if you are reusing an old plant pot.
  • Moving fiddle leaf figs outside during the summer causes scale infestation.
  • Additionally, these tiny ones can sneak through open windows.

Therefore to avoid scale infestation it is important to choose the best soil for fiddle leaf fig, carefully moving the plant and choosing the right pot.  

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If you have performed any above activities that could lead to scale infestation, then you should check for scale. So, let’s find out how to identify scales in the next section.

How to identify Fiddle Leaf Fig Scale

How to identify Fiddle Leaf Fig Scale

Your fiddle leaf fig’s leaves, stems, and trunk can be infested by these insects which suck sap from them. Moreover, it’s easy to overlook these insects until your plant starts showing signs of sickness, such as yellowing fiddle leaves or stunted growth.

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Occasionally, white bumps can appear on your fiddle leaf fig. Also, you can stunt your plant’s growth if you don’t treat the scale.

Whenever there is an issue affecting fiddle leaf figs, it is best to treat it early. If the infestation is light, scale is easier to treat. So, let’s see in the next section how to treat scale on fiddle leaf fig.

How to Treat Scale on Fiddle Leaf Figs

Step 1: Make sure the plant is quarantined.

The scale can easily spread from one plant to another, so separate infected plants from others.

Step 2: Take the scale off.

In most cases, you can pick off small scale spots without much difficulty. So, by hand or with a toothpick, carefully remove them.

If your infestation is severe, you might have to use more drastic measures. 

Step 3: Check out the plant’s health

To move forward with your next treatment, you must establish whether your fiddle leaf fig tree can handle it. 

Next, use a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol to wipe down the whole fiddle leaf fig plant. By doing this, it will remove both the sticky substance and any hidden eggs or insects.

Step 4: Apply insecticide

After checking your plant, if you feel that your plant is strong enough, then you can spray the whole plant with your chosen insecticide.

Step 5: Get rid of the infected part by pruning

In case of severe infestations or if other measures don’t work, remove the infected parts of the plant. If necessary, cut off infected leaves, stems, and even part of the trunk with clean, sharp pruning shears.

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 Step 6: Add cinnamon powder to the soil

To kill hidden scale insects, you can add cinnamon powder to the soil. Even after pruning or removing scale from your fiddle leaf fig, it still returns. 

Additionally, as scale insects lay their eggs underneath the soil surface, it would be best to treat the soil as well.

If you apply cinnamon to your soil for three weeks, you will see your plants grow. Whether used as a cinnamon powder or cinnamon essential oil, cinnamon is a powerful insecticide. 

However, as it may be too strong to spray cinnamon essential oil directly onto the plant, use cinnamon powder instead.

Few questions on the fiddle leaf fig scale

Q1. What is the best treatment for scale on fiddle leaf fig?

Ans. Scale is best controlled with horticultural oil sprays. There is oil in the form of these insecticides that will mix with water. A spray of oil on infested plants coats the scale insects and stops them from breathing.

Q2. How do you get rid of scales naturally?

Ans. The natural way to get rid of scale insects is to prune infested branches, twigs, and leaves. When scale numbers are low, it is possible to rub or pick them off by hand. A cotton swab soaked in alcohol or neem-based leaf shine will also work when infestations are mild.

Q3. Does vinegar get rid of scale on plants?

Ans. Yes. A mixture of water and soap, vinegar, or denatured alcohol can also be used as a cleaning agent. Use a systemic insecticide if these methods aren’t working – these attack the bugs from the inside.

Q4. Can plants survive scale?

Ans. Scale insects can harm many of the plants we grow indoors and outdoors. Thousands of them can weaken, damage, or even kill plants by feeding on their sap.


Scales appear on fiddle leaf fig leaves, trunks, and stems. If your plant is infested with scale, it will also show symptoms such as yellowing leaves or stunted growth.

Also, your fiddle leaf fig can get scale infestation for several reasons. The most common reasons are adding new plants, using contaminated soil, using dirty pots, etc.

The scale on the fiddle leaf can be treated with insecticides. Plus, you have to remove the scales and prune the infected leaves. However, before applying any treatment, take the time to monitor the health of your fiddle leaf fig plant.

Moreover, you can always prevent scale infestation if you know how to care for fiddle leaf figs. Hence, make sure to read How to Care and Grow for a Fiddle Leaf Fig – A Complete Guide

What are your questions about the fiddle leaf fig scale? Please feel free to ask in the comments section below. Also, don’t forget to share this article with friends and family who might have scale infestation on fig.

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