20 Amazing Peace Lily Benefits for Physical & Mental Health

You are going to find out 20 amazing benefits of the peace lily plant in this article. After learning peace lily benefits I am sure you are going to love this plant more. 

No doubt! Beautiful white flowers are the hallmark of peace lilies. However, did you know that it is capable of purifying your indoor air as well? If you are wondering how well a peace lily can purify the air, I would like to tell you that it can remove 60% of pollutants. Definitely a plus!

In addition to its physical benefits, it also has mental benefits. Stress reduction and calming your mind for better sleep are some of the benefits of the peace lily. There are more benefits than these, so let’s go over each one in the article.

Benefits of peace lily plant

1. Purifies air

Air purification is one of the many benefits it provides to human health. In our home, there are many pollutants that are known to cause health problems. As these chemicals are not directly inhaled, you may be unaware of their presence. 

However, like outdoor air, indoor air is noxious. Thus, you can control these harmful gases and VOCs by removing sources of pollution and using proper ventilation. All you need is a peace lily at home to reduce them.

Additionally, an experiment by NASA says peace lilies can absorb pollutants like benzene, xylene, carbon monoxide, and formaldehyde. Thus, by removing 60% of the pollutants, it makes the air healthier by adding moisture.

2. Vaporizes acetone and absorbs it

Keeping a peace lily in your home also protects you from harmful vapors generated by your household products. There are many products that contain acetone and alcohol, such as varnishes, paints, rubbing alcohol, and nail polish removers. These are toxic substances like acetone and alcohol that are harmful to your health. 

As you get exposed to these vapors more often, you may experience headaches, lack of coordination, low blood pressure, and lethargy. So, if you have a peace lily in your home, you keep the air there free of these vapors, keeping it healthy for you.

3. It is a low-maintenance plant

It is a low-maintenance plant

It is surprising how resilient and forgiving the peace lily is.

In order to help the plant grow and thrive, it only needs fertilization once or twice a year. As well as this, it accepts medium to low light levels and consistent indoor temperatures.

Moreover, watering isn’t a problem since the peace lily lets you know when it’s thirsty! However, watch out for droopy leaves and dry soil, then give it a drink and a spritz.

4. It is easy to propagate

It’s also easy to divide peace lilies. This means you can have multiple peace lily plants. 

Additionally, you should propagate them during the spring or summer. Nevertheless, you can propagate this plant pretty much year-round. 

For propagation, start by removing the peace lily from its container. Use scissors, a knife, or your hands to carefully divide the plant. Ensure roots and rhizomes are attached in each section. As soon as you divide the plant, you can re-pot it as a smaller plant.

5. Assists in restful sleep

For people who have frequent sleep disturbances, a peace lily may be helpful. Perhaps a touch of greenery in the bedroom will help drift off to sleep.

Additionally, research suggests houseplants can promote sleep. Almost all space programs have incorporated greenhouses to improve astronaut health and wellness. Despite being isolated in space, astronauts benefit from the colors and pleasant smells of plants. 

So, you are more likely to sleep well if you have these qualities.

6. Beautify your place 

Beautify your place

A peace lily’s beautiful foliage, unique white flowers, and peaceful presence make it the perfect addition to any home or office. 

While taking up very little space, this plant adds a touch of classic and sophistication to any room.

The peace lily is believed to harmonize and calm the home’s or workplace’s energy. Also, being able to watch something grow gives you a sense of connection to nature and the outside world.

7. Maintains a balanced level of humidity

You may also benefit from peace lily plants by reducing humidity in your home or office. As a result of their tropical nature, they naturally absorb humidity. Your home will feel more comfortable when the humidity is balanced. 

As well as absorbing moisture, peace lilies have another advantage. When a space has a low humidity level, mold and mildew are less likely to grow. Hence, if you have a bathroom or kitchen with high moisture levels, this plant may be a good choice.

8. Adapts to varying lighting conditions

Adapts to varying lighting conditions

Neither low nor high light conditions bother peace lilies. However, bright spots will make them flower more profusely. So for a thriving peace lily, place it near a window. However, not in direct sunlight.

Additionally, they are great for rooms with limited natural light due to their light tolerance. 

So, if you have struggled to get other houseplants to thrive in low light, consider buying a peace lily.

9. It survives on less water

Keeping peace lilies watered is essential. However, it takes less water for them to survive. 

So, if you travel frequently or spend long periods away from home, this plant is a great choice. As long as you water the peace lily before you leave, it should be fine.

Also, your peace lily will indicate when it needs water. If the peace lily plant is dry, it tends to droop, telling you it needs water. Moreover, try to water your peace lily once a week, but don’t let it sit in soggy soil.

10. Keeps mildew at bay

In bathrooms, washrooms, and kitchens, moisture is high. Thus, mildew can occur. 

Among other places, this can be seen on tile grout and bathroom curtains. In such an environment, a peace lily won’t just thrive, but it will also prevent mildew growth by absorbing excess moisture. 

This causes the walls and curtains to become less damp, which hinders the growth of mold and mildew. And as a homeowner, you know how damaging and harmful mildew and spores can be.

11. Eliminates mold spores

As the peace lily blooms, mold spores get eliminated. For sensitive people, it is beneficial. 

Among other symptoms, mold spore exposure can cause eye irritation, coughing, sneezing, throat irritation, and skin irritation. 

With this mold exposure, asthmatics and those with chronic lung disease suffer. However, you can reduce mold spores in the air by growing a peace lily.

12. Provides Feng Shui benefits

Feng shui favors the peace lily. The energy of a room is kept upbeat and positive with it. Also, due to its white blossoms, the peace lily is often associated with purity, peace, and prosperity.

Also, some Feng Shui practitioners believe a peace lily can help reduce negative energy as well as turn it into positive energy.

In many cases, singles think it improves their chances of finding love. Moreover, this lucky representation of abundance and prosperity looks great on your desk. You will feel energized and more concentrated after placing it.

13. Reduction of stress

Reduction of stress

Several benefits of peace lilies are believed to include mental health benefits, stress reduction, and therapeutic properties. According to studies, indoor plants can possibly reduce the symptoms of stress on the physical and mental levels. 

Also, it has been found that being around plants can reduce activity in the sympathetic nervous system. It helps induce a feeling of relaxation in the body and mind. So, it may be helpful to grow a peace lily if you wish to relax and reduce stress.

14. Boost productivity

As an added bonus, peace lilies may enhance productivity in the workplace. 

A study suggests that greenery in offices can increase productivity by 15%. In this study, workers noted they improved their concentration and satisfaction at work. 

If you want to enhance your work experience, buying a peace lily is a good step to take.

15. Help allergy sufferers

An air-purifying peace lily may be an important investment if you suffer from allergies or want a cleaner environment in your home. 

Plants such as peace lilies may control airborne allergens, like mold spores and microbes, by filtering the air. 

You can use them to purify the air around your space, even during allergy season.

16. Controls sound pollution

Does your neighbor party late? Bring peace lily to your home. Peace lily can create a calm and noise-free space. Additionally, a study has proven that peace lily can absorb 44% of the 4000 Hz sound. Thus, creating a quieter atmosphere for you.

17. It brings peace and prosperity

A peace lily symbolizes peace, purity, hope, prosperity, and innocence. The plant is not only used to decorate homes and offices but it is also considered sacred for bringing good fortune and wellness to its users.

18. The plant symbolizes rebirth and innocence

The plant symbolizes rebirth and innocence

Peace lilies symbolize rebirth and innocence. 

If you give a potted peace lily plant to the family of the deceased person, you are expressing your sympathy and serving as a peaceful reminder of the deceased. 

Peace lilies serve as excellent funeral flowers, so they are a thoughtful choice for attending a funeral ceremony.

19. An all-purpose gift

Peace lilies make a thoughtful gift for anyone, whether it is a friend, family member, or spouse. Different situations can indicate different symbolic meanings to the Peace Lily such as

Feelings of sympathy

As they represent peace, these plants are perfect for someone going through a difficult time. In the new year, they are appropriate as they represent prosperity.

To seek forgiveness

In case of an argument between you and a friend, peace lilies can also symbolize a truce. It looks as if the plant is waving a white flag with its white blossoms.

The funeral flower

A common alternative to funeral flowers is peace lilies. These thoughtful options can be sent to a grieving friend or brought to a funeral service.

20. An ideal bedroom plant

An ideal bedroom plant

Sleeping is a problem that affects nearly everyone on this planet. However, a  nice night’s sleep can be achieved with the help of these houseplants.

The humidity level in the home is improved, the air is filtered, and breathing is easier. Moreover, it prevents allergies by absorbing airborne mold spores. It is also known that the beauty of these plants promotes calmness and reduces stress.

As per Feng Shui, peace lilies are amazing bedroom plants since they bring calming energy and positive energy to the room.

Few questions on peace lily benefits

Q1. Is peace lily good for a house?

Ans. Yes. As a houseplant, peace lilies are very good at breaking down and neutralizing toxic gases like carbon monoxide and formaldehyde.

Q2. Are peace lilies lucky?

Ans. An indoor peace lily is considered to be a lucky plant that brings harmony to the home and good fortune. You can also give it as a gift to loved ones and friends. 

Q3. Is peace lily safe in the bedroom?

Ans. One of the most attractive bedroom plants is the peace lily. Their ability to filter out many harmful toxins makes them a great window sill plant. They reduce allergies and boost the humidity in the room by giving off moisture.


With all these peace lily plant benefits in mind, I’m sure you want one for yourself. Due to its ease of maintenance, this is the best choice for a beginner.

Furthermore, a peace lily is helpful if you suffer from any allergic condition. However, peace lily’s primary benefit is that it removes 60% of air pollution. This also makes a great gift for your loved one. 

Additionally, peace lilies symbolize truce, sympathy, and forgiveness. So, if you have a disagreement with your loved one, those white flowers will surely put a smile on his or her face.

Aside from their physical and aesthetic benefits, houseplants have been shown to have mental health benefits as well. In order to alleviate stress, boost productivity, and gain sound sleep, it would be ideal to keep peace lilies at home.

So, what are you waiting for? Bring your peace lily today and take advantage of all its benefits. Be sure to pass this article along to your friends and family so they can learn more about peace lily benefits.

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