How to do a Gardening Startup?

gardening startup ideas

It is common for people to use gardening as a way to relax. A wide variety of gardening options can be found for those who are interested in it. Plants like flowers, vines of leaves, and others are popular ornamental plants. There are some types of plants that people grow for their own purposes, while … Read more

Top 5 Witch Garden Décor In The USA

witch garden decor

Witch garden decor consists of decorating your garden with witchy items.  There is nothing more peaceful than a garden, a place to relax. And we decorate places that are close to our hearts. A garden adorned with witchy ideas will surely infuse you with great witchy energy. What if we transformed our garden into a … Read more

5 Must Have Gardening Tools Online

gardening at home

Gardening is not only a practice of growing and cultivating plants but it is also the best way to stay connected with nature. Watching little seeds and saplings germinating and growing into a beautiful plant/tree gives a sense of calmness and immense joy to us. So, 5 MUST HAVE gardening tools online are listed below. … Read more

How to do Organic Gardening at Home?

oragnic gardening

Home is where the heart is, so you better treat it right! It is being said that home gardening is not just about getting your hands dirty, but also about refreshing your mind and body and connecting with your inner self. Going organic in your lawn and garden has numerous advantages! Going organic can give … Read more

Top 10 Trees That Grow Faster

banyan tree

The competition isn’t that deep. Yet, these 10 trees grow faster than their peers in our ecosystem. Let’s take a look at top 10 plants that grow faster. 1. Banyan Tree Growing upwards of 30 meters (100 feet) and spreading upto 200 meters (700 feet) across the ground the banyan tree is probably the fastest … Read more

Why is Backyard Gardening important?


Lately, the pandemic has taught us the importance of a healthy lifestyle and hygienic habits. The lockdown duration gave us the time and reason to introspect the reasons for our declining immunity and also inculcate ways to obviate further deterioration. Consumption of unadulterated and chemicals free food topped the list of the best ways to … Read more