14 Benefits Of The Hoya Plants- Hoya Plant Medicinal Uses!

Have you ever heard from your grandparents that this plant is often used in traditional medications? Want to know more about the medicinal benefits of this Pretty-looking plant?

Then this article is for you! In this article, we are going to discuss the health benefits of the Hoya plants.

Hoya plants are stunning houseplants, not only very beautiful to look at and easy to maintain but also, these houseplants have health or medicinal benefits. 

Since I have grown hoya plants for years, I have been surprised by the benefits they provide. It offered a range of benefits, such as enhancing the aesthetics of my home and purifying the air inside. Hoya plants are also really easy to take care of, so all their benefits come with minimal maintenance. Isn’t that great? Because of my great experiences with hoya, I want to share all the great benefits it has to offer with you.

Before knowing the benefits of this plant, let me tell you some interesting things about this plant!

About Hoya plants!

About Hoya plants!

The Hoya plants are the flowering species of the Apocynaceae family. These plants have more than 300-500 subspecies which contain 100 and above flowering species. Hoya plants are vining plants that add beauty to the space around them. They can be grown indoors as well as outdoors with proper care. These are the natives of the rainy mountains in the tropical regions of Southeast Asia. Mostly these plants are found in Malaysia, Indonesia, India, the Philippines, and some places in Australia. 

The foliage of these plants is different for different sub-species. But, most of the species produce similar flowers. These blooms spread a sweet smell and the most important thing is they have some medicinal benefits. The leaves and the flowers of the Hoya plants have some medicinal qualities and thus they are used in traditional medicine. Not only for physical illnesses but these plants can treat mental ailments when grown indoors. Let us know them further in this article.

14 Benefits of the Hoya plants!

1. Taking care of Hoya is easy and requires little maintenance

Any plant enthusiast and a beginner will enjoy hoyas, thanks to their easy care. No matter how neglected they are, hoya will stay bright. Their blooms are short and difficult to obtain, but the plant itself is very low maintenance and can last several years.

In indirect light, hoyas do well. Before watering, they prefer their soil to be completely dry. Nonetheless, you will need to water your hoya more frequently if the leaves of your variety are thinner.

Moreover, they thrive without constant watering or misting and can be placed in your kitchen, bathroom, or even living room.

2. Hoya plants are pet-friendly

This plant is the perfect choice if you are worried about your pets. As there is no danger to cats or dogs from the hoya plant. Your pet won’t need an urgent trip to the vet if it nibbles on your hoya plants.

3. Air purifying quality of the Hoya plants

Air purifying quality of the Hoya plants

The hoya plants are fast-growing plants that prepare enough food for their growth which is called photosynthesis, during this process the plant absorbs the carbon dioxide in the surroundings and releases purified, VOC or toxin-free oxygen. Thus these fast-growing Hoyas release more oxygen when compared to other slow-growing plants. So, growing hoya plants around you will purify the air around you. This helps in dealing with the air pollution in today’s life. Also, breathing purified air boosts our internal energy.

4. Hoya plants spread peace and calmness

Hoya plants spread peace and calmness

The bright green colored leaves and their waxy colorful flowers not only spread their sweet smell but also spread peace and calmness. Their elegant, humble look makes us feel better. When we see the new leaf growth and the flowers bring a smile to our face.

5. Hoya plants reduce stress

The purified air and the peace generated by the Hoya plants, reduce the stress. Pacifies your mind. This decreases the high blood pressure too. So, it is better to place a hoya plant in your working place.

6. Hoya plants activate the mind and increase the productivity

The increase in the oxygen levels in your home reduces the stress and thus your mind feels free. This increases your concentration and thus improves your capacity to do more work.

7. Hoya plants enhance the look of your home

Hoya plants enhance the look of your home

These beautiful plants with their elegant foliage and attractive flowers enhance the interior of the home if grown indoors. Support this vining plant and let it climb the windows or the shelves. You can also decorate your home by hanging it on the ceilings.

8. Hoya plants help in the skincare

Many beauty products use the blooms of the Hoya plants to improve skin color. Combining the extract of the swiss plant and the flowers of these plants can brighten the skin. It also reduces the effect of the pollutants present in the surroundings. This mixture makes the skin look young and soft. Phytosterols present in the hoya plants help in hydrating and restoring the vitality of the skin. It is used as a rejuvenating agent in beauty products.

9. Anti-inflammatory quality of the Hoya plants

The flowers of the Hoya plants contain Terpenes. They are responsible for the fragrance of the flowers. These terpenes have anti-inflammatory characteristics. So, these are used in treating and preventing breakouts on the skin. It also cleanses and nourishes the skin. Thus they are used in the preparation of ointments and beauty products like face washes, creams, and other such products that are related to the skin. The content of flavones in the Hoya plants is also used as an anti-inflammatory agent in the preparation of various products.

10. Hoya plants improve digestion

The extract of the hoya plant leaves combined with the capsicum sap was used to treat indigestion in the olden days. Ancient medicine says that the leaves of the Hoya plants have properties that boost digestion.

11. Hoya plants treat cholesterol with the Phytosterols

Phytosterols are the chemical compounds produced by the hoya plants, which are used to reduce cholesterol levels in the body in a safe way. Thus it prevents heart attacks and cardiovascular diseases. It is also used in treating diabetes, cancer, and obesity. As I said earlier, it helps in rejuvenating the skin. Thus it is used in several medicines for treating different diseases.

12. Antioxidant characteristics of the Hoya plants

Some species of the Hoya plants have a chemical compound called Flavones that have many medicinal uses. One of them is the antioxidant property. This property of the plant encourages microcirculation and it also helps in producing new cells. So, this is used in many medicines and health-related products.

13. Treating diseases by the extract of the Hoya plants

This is one of the most considerable uses of the Hoya plant. Again the flavones make the plant hero. Flavones have some characteristics that avoid cancer. The extracts of the Hoya plants are used in medicines that treat cancer. Also, this helps in protecting the neuronal structure and prevents the death of neuronal cells. It also avoids heart-related problems.

14. Anti-viral properties of the Hoya plants

The extract of this plant which contains flavonoids is used as an antiviral agent in many products. Mostly, the Hoya Lacunosa plants contain these flavones. Thus these Hoya plants are widely used in traditional medicine.


The gorgeous and eye-catching hoya plants are often seen in the corridors of the plant lovers’ houses. But only a few of them knew the benefits of growing these nice-looking plants. These indoor plants not only add beauty to your home but also help you stay healthy. It keeps you away from skin infections, indigestion, and stress. 

But always remember that self-medication is not a good idea. Always consult a doctor before you use Hoya as a medication. Use it only on the doctor’s advice. As some species of the Hoya plants have mild Toxic effects, it is better to avoid the ingestion of the plant’s parts. 

I hope I have provided enough information on the “Benefits of the Hoya plants” to the best of my knowledge (research).  If you have any more questions or want to know something specific about your Hoya plant, reach out to us at plantslane.com. I would be more than happy to help make your plant journey as easy as possible. Also, don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family!

Keep loving your plant and have a nice day!

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