How Fast Does ZZ Plant Grow | How To Make It Grow Faster

Did you know ZZ plants can grow up to 2 to 4 feet tall and wide?

But the question is, how fast can they grow?

Unless you have a very big mansion as your home, and you have enough room to make your ZZ plants grow, you might need the answer to this question. 

Here, we will discuss the factors affecting the growth of ZZ plants and how to increase the growth rate of this plant as quickly as possible. Let’s not keep you waiting and start with an overview of ZZ plants!

Overview of ZZ plants


ZZ plants are low-maintenance, slow-growing, and highly adaptable plants as they can withstand a wide range of climates. ZZ plants are an excellent choice for beginner plant owners and look beautiful in places like offices, homes, and restaurants. This tropical plant is tolerant of all kinds of light and infrequent watering. The ZZ plant has a glossy, vivid green foliage of leaves which makes it more attractive. Also, the ZZ plant is one indoor plant that can survive despite being neglected.

Additionally, this species enhances indoor air quality by removing harmful organic pollutants. When fully grown, they have long, spreading compound leaves on a central branch that are 2 to 4 feet tall and wide. Despite being simple to maintain, this species is harmful to both humans and animals, so take care to keep it out of the reach of young children, cats, dogs, and other pets.

Factors Affecting The Growth Of ZZ Plants

ZZ plants are one of the most popular indoor plants grown by plant owners because they are easy to care for and maintain. They do not mind being ignored for long as they know how to thrive on their own. But in the end, every plant needs a little attention so that it doesn’t wither away. So if you want your ZZ to reach its full potential, you must give it the same care and love as the rest of your indoor plants.

ZZ plants do not grow quickly. The diversity in growth rate is caused by several factors, which tend to push the ZZ Plant toward greater growth or can cause it to grow far more slowly. But you can take proper measures to regulate faster growth. We have listed below some factors that you must consider while growing the ZZ plant!

1. Lighting is very important


One of the most crucial elements in fostering plant growth is light. When sunlight is insufficient, growth is slowed down because photosynthesis transforms nutrients into useful energy for the plant to generate more tissue. Light helps in the development of the plant. Just like ZZ plants require light for their growth.

Although ZZ plants have a reputation for needing little light, this is not always true. ZZ plants can survive in low light settings for a long time, but they cannot create new growth or thrive in these conditions. They can tolerate 1 to 2 hours of direct sunshine in the early morning or late afternoon. ZZ plants thrive well in bright, and indirect lighting.

Moving a plant farther away from a window results in a sharp decline in lighting from room to room. Additionally, it varies based on the climate and time of year outside. But remember that if the plant does not receive the correct amount of light, then it can harm the plant.

2. Watering when necessary

Water is the plant’s most necessity. Without water, the plant will suffer from a mineral deficit, which will cause it to slowly wilt away. This is because water is necessary for the transport of nutrients from the soil to other sections of the plant. The plant needs these additional characteristics of water for development and nutrient absorption.

Although ZZ plants are known for their ability to withstand dryness, they often grow more slowly and produce smaller stems and leaves when there is a lack of water.
Avoid overwatering because ZZ plants are fairly susceptible to root rot, which can halt all growth and may cause your plant to perish.

Once the top half of the soil feels dry, water your ZZ plant thoroughly. Before relocating your plant to its usual location, make sure to let the pot drain completely.

Watering will increase their growth as it contains the necessary nutrients in it, which the plants need for development. Ensure that the plant receives the water timely to avoid any damage or drying to it.

3. Fertilization is required

A plant needs nutrients to properly develop and flourish. Contrary to outdoor soil, indoor plant soil lacks certain essential minerals, including nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. Therefore, the greatest option for indoor plants to thrive is fertilizer. You can fertilize plants with chemical or organic materials, depending on what the plants need.

When ZZ plants receive enough nutrients to suit their demands, they grow more quickly. Whether you fertilize your plant every few months or add compost when you pot it, you can boost the growth rate of the plants. Fertilizers improved the development of the ZZ plant and provided them with the needed nourishment to grow healthily.

Just be cautious since too much fertilizer can harm the roots and cause growth to slow down or stop. Provide the ZZ plant with an appropriate amount of fertilizer to control and improve its growth. During the growing season, you can use additional water-soluble synthetic fertilizer every two months, according to the given instructions on the label.

4. Maintaining the temperature

The temperature element can also affect the growth of the plant. Due to seasonal fluctuations in the atmosphere can create a rise in the plant’s stress level, and hence, the temperature around the plant should be per its needs. Maintain the temperature at a steady, and consistent level for sturdy growth.

Your house’s temperature can easily affect the way your plants thrive. When the ideal growing temperatures are met, your ZZs will grow more. However, most of us have a preferred temperature of our own, we rarely employ this variable to regulate growth. The proper temperature in the surrounding gives ZZ plants time to adjust to it for better development.

You should avoid changing the ZZ plant’s location because it can hamper its growth. Plants take time to adjust to their surroundings, so be careful to give the ZZ plant what it requires.

5. Check for Rhizomes

Rhizomes are the source of growth for ZZ plants. Rhizomes get bigger and begin to fill the pot as the plant ages. The rhizome will eventually outgrow the pot, which will limit its growth. These rhizomes play a vital role in the growth of the ZZ plant.

How To Increase The Growth of ZZ Plants?

The first step in getting your ZZ Plant to thrive in your house is to understand the elements that are essential to its growth. Make sure you are giving it what it wants. Providing the plant with the correct amenities improves its growth. But there are some points that you must consider to speed up the growth of the ZZ plants. We have listed below some of the methods to increase their development speed:

  • Lighting should be improved and maintained for increasing their growth rate. They should receive indirect bright light. So ensure that you are placing your ZZ plant outside during their growing season and summers for improved growth. 
  • Fertilizers should be increased during their growing season as the plants take in excess amounts of nutrients at that time to increase their growth but also be cautious while applying to the plant. 
  • The watering schedule should be maintained for the ZZ plant. Although it will survive easily even when ignored, regular watering speeds up its growing process. Try watering the plant at least once a week. 
  • The temperature around it should be warm. Avoid placing it near any electrical appliances like AC and fans as these can hamper their growth. A constant temperature helps in their nourishment.

Benefits Of Growing A ZZ Plant

ZZ plants have numerous benefits other than just acting as home decor. They improve your health, act as an air purifier, and many more. We have listed below some of the benefits of growing a ZZ plant at home!

1. Requires very low maintenance

They are low-maintenance plants, unlike many others, and are easy to take care of. They can survive dry soil, have low light levels, and also don’t require a lot of pruning. ZZ plants are famous for their understanding and forgiving nature. They do not need much care or attention and can be best for beginners to plant.

ZZ plants have robust rhizomes and dense, succulent-like leaves that effectively retain moisture, which allows them to withstand drought conditions. They don’t need to be repotted very frequently because they grow very slowly. Furthermore, they don’t require a lot of fertilizer to prosper. In reality, to prevent droopy ZZ plants, merely apply diluted fertilizer once or twice during the growing season.

2. ZZ plants act as an air purifiers

The ZZ plants can act as air purifiers. They clear out all the toxins and volatile organic compounds like benzene, formaldehyde, xylene, and carbon dioxide. They keep the environment fresh and clean from any harmful chemicals. Having ZZ plants at your home is very effective and useful.

3. ZZ plants provide ornamental value

Although ZZ plants are renowned for their low maintenance requirements, they also have decorative value. Their erect stems, covered in an abundance of glossy, dark foliage, give any space a tropical feel. ZZ plants can reach heights of 4 feet and a spread of 5 feet which makes them quite dramatic.

4. ZZ plants are easy to propagate

ZZ plants are easy to propagate. You can use two methods for propagation, one is by division, and the other is by stem cuttings. The division method is way simpler and less complicated than the stem cutting one and hence, more preferred. The stem cutting method is not difficult, but it will take you around six to nine months.

You have to first clean the container of the plant thoroughly and sterilize the plant. Then, cut a stalk from a healthy plant and place it in a water-filled container. Keep the jar in the exposure to indirect light at room temperature. Also, ensure to keep changing the water every week or two to avoid any infection to the plant. Within six to nine months, roots should begin to form. The plant can then be potted in a container with the right soil mixture at that time.

5. ZZ plants can help to reduce stress

ZZ plants are best for a professional environment, especially a home office, due to their low maintenance requirements. Plants are a healthy approach to improving mood, lessening stress, and inspiring creativity. Having an indoor plant that boosts your mood and improves your performance is very necessary to bring home.

The ZZ plants can help you with reducing stress. They provide a light and fresh atmosphere around you by cleaning all the pollutants and increasing the beauty of the room. They create a calm environment which helps in reducing any anxiety or stress.


Q1. How Fast Do ZZ Plants Grow?

Ans. This species normally grows to a mature height of 2 to 4 feet over a few years, although they are very strong, ZZ plants may grow as much as 6 inches per month or more in the spring and summer, which is their growing period.

Q2. Do ZZ Plants Like to Be Root-Bound?

Ans. ZZ plants can withstand a wider range of environmental factors and require very less care than many houseplants, but if they get root-bound, they find it difficult to absorb water. Transplant your ZZ plant to a bigger pot if it exhibits symptoms of being root-bound. 

Q3. What is the ZZ plant’s growing season? 

Ans. Lighting factors significantly determine the ZZ plant’s growing season. They usually begin growing in early spring in temperate areas and keep growing into mid-autumn. ZZ plants will continue to thrive all year round in tropical regions.

Q4. Are ZZ plants easy to grow? 

Ans. ZZ plants are simple to grow and are most forgiving of the less growing situations. The most crucial factors in maintaining the health of your ZZ plant are proper lighting and avoiding overwatering. Although your ZZ plant’s development rate will be affected by inadequate growing circumstances, they are significantly less picky than some other houseplants.

Q5. Can a ZZ plant be pruned? 

Ans. ZZ plants don’t mind being pruned every so often. You might notice that one or two stems are developing more quickly than the others, giving you an uneven appearance. Simply use a clean, well-kept pair of shears or scissors to cut them to size. Pruning only helps in improving their development rate.


ZZ plants come in a variety of sizes, so it might be advisable to get one that fits the spot where you intend to put it. Larger specimens make excellent floor plants, while smaller ones look beautiful on tables and windowsills. Focus on giving your ZZ plant the best care possible and stay away from frequent stressors if you want to make it grow rapidly.

The ZZ plant may be fine with the neglect, but providing it with care and attention will only increase its growth and nourishment.

I hope that the above-provided information was helpful to you and cleared all your doubts regarding the ZZ plant’s growth. Check out any of the following articles to learn more about growing lovely, healthy houseplants.

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