Top 5 Garden Butterfly Decor in US

Bringing your backyard to life with the latest trends of garden butterfly decor is easier than you think. This quick tutorial is a great way to help you to pick the most gorgeous and colourful design between 100’s of designs.

Learn how to plan your dream garden today and you’re one step closer to adding that special touch to your beautiful garden.

Here you’ll find the TOP 5 GARDEN BUTTERFLY DECOR IN THE USA. We’ll help you find the garden butterfly decor you’re looking for.

1. Flower Butterfly – Metal Bird Feeder

Metal Bird Feeder
Metal Bird Feeder

This attractive combination of flower and butterfly makes this idea more charismatic which captures the lovely relation between flower and butterfly. This sticking design will surely add a talking point to your garden. Nowadays people are liking it most.

This lovely time of year calls for a little garden blossom decoration – and what better way to do this than with a beautiful flower metal bird feeder made in the shape of a butterfly?

Its price is only around  – $43.5

Rating- 4.4/5

 So what are you waiting for? Try it.

2. Butterfly stakes

Butterfly stakes
Butterfly stakes

Because these butterfly stakes look like natural butterfly flapping and bring liveliness to your garden. It makes your garden more attractive with the hot topic of your neighbour’s talk.

These beautiful stakes bring a unique colour combo of butterflies with their strapping design. Despite it, they are available with film print so the colour does not change for a long time.

Its price is only around- $ 5.59

Rating – 4.7/5

3. Butterfly sculpture of metal for displaying garden flower pots

Butterfly sculpture of metal
Butterfly sculpture of metal

This aesthetic and polished metal sculpture, a metal butterfly, is a must-have for those who want many flowerpots in their garden. It upholds on its top and around all planters, flower pots, baby swings, or anything else that needs a little height and style.

 This gorgeous piece is not only beautiful to look at, it is beautiful both inside and out with only the right amount of shiny exterior and cool, shiny, colourful surface.

Price around – $50

Rating-4.3/ 5

4. Functional piece of art just like this beautiful butterfly bench

Functional piece of art just like this beautiful butterfly bench
Functional piece of art just like this beautiful butterfly bench

As you see earlier there are other styles to decorate your garden, but this one is unique which not only gives a butterfly effect to your garden but also gives a beautiful sitting idea for your garden.

Because you want something a little more decorative, this butterfly bench may be the perfect piece to add to your garden. It features a breathtaking gold stainless steel frame. If you want more, you can decorate this one with flowers and grass to make it more attractive. I hope it gives you an idea.

Price – $52.5

Rating:- 4.5/5

5. Beautiful flower arrangement in the form of a multi-coloured butterfly from pink, yellow, purple chrysanthemums

Beautiful flower arrangement in the form of a multi-coloured
Beautiful flower arrangement in the form of a multi-coloured

We have come up with another unique and creative idea for your garden butterfly decor which is very famous in the USA nowadays.

I think this idea is very good for those who want flowery gardens but do not have enough space for that. So, you can try it once which gives a very unique flowery look to your garden.


I hope this quick and unique garden butterfly decor idea helps you to solve your problem to choose the best one available in the market.


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