Fiddle Leaf Fig Fruit – Everything You Need to Know

Are you curious to know whether your fiddle leaf fig can grow fruit? So, let me tell you that  fig produces fruit. However, it needs specific conditions to grow fruit.

But the question is can you eat fiddle leaf fig fruit? And if it is edible how does it taste? 

Worry not! in this article, I will answer all your questions on fig fruit.

Additionally, I am going to tell you if bearing fig fruit is a good idea or bad. So make sure to read the article till the end.

With that said, let us begin

Does a fiddle leaf fig produce fruit?

So, let me answer your first question. YES! Fiddle leaf figs produce fruit. However, this is very rare outside of the plant’s native habitat. 

Its natural habitat is Africa, where this evergreen tree can grow up to 100 feet tall. To produce figs, your fiddle leaf fig needs even more light than it needs to remain healthy. In most cases, indoor gardeners can’t provide the plant with enough light to grow figs.

You can grow fiddle leaf figs outside in USDA hardiness zones 9 to 11. Although the plant can thrive in these climates, it rarely produces figs. Moreover, even if the tree did bear fruit, the figs wouldn’t be as tasty as store-bought ones.

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Is fiddle leaf fig fruit edible?

Is fiddle leaf fig fruit edible?

Yes, fiddle leaf fig fruit is edible. However, there is little chance of figs bearing flowers or fruit.

Further, even though fiddle leaf figs are edible, their fruit is not particularly delicious, so you are unlikely to want to snack on them anytime soon.

Even when fully ripe, the fiddle leaf fig fruit’s exterior is leathery. There is no sweetness to this fruit, and people who have consumed it often describe the taste as tart or bland. Moreover, it’s said that the fruit has a mouth-drying effect.

Therefore, while fiddle leaf fruit is edible, it isn’t something you should eat. It is also important to note that the fruit, as well as other parts of the tree, are toxic to pets. So, don’t forget this before bringing the plant inside.

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Does an indoor fiddle leaf fig tree produce fruit?

The fiddle leaf fig tree doesn’t produce fruit when grown indoors. However, it’s not true for all fig varieties. 

You can grow some figs indoors and they will still produce edible fruit. One of the most common indoor fig fruit trees is the Negronne Fig.

Fruits of the Negronne fig tree have dark red flesh with an almost black exterior. It is hardy in USDA Hardiness Zones 7 through 10, so many gardeners outside of these zones grow it in containers indoors. As this fig tree is self-fruitful, it does not require a pollinator to bear fruit.

Also, there are several online sellers who sell Negronne fig trees. You can even find this variety of fig trees at local nurseries and garden centers.

How to develop fiddle leaf fig tree fruits

How to develop fiddle leaf fig tree fruits

Since fiddle leaf figs are native to the West African jungles, provide them with hot, humid weather so they can grow fruit. Check blog on Fiddle Leaf Fig Humidity Requirements (All You Need to Know)

However, trying to mimic the native habitat of fig is not easy. It is especially tough to bear fruit if the plant is not getting the temperature it needs. And this is the most common problem gardeners face to get the tree to bear fruit.

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Also, if you manage to get your fig plant to fruit, it is not tasty to eat. However, if you wish to have edible fruit that you can grow outdoors then try the Chicago Hardy fig tree. This plant grows in USDA plant hardiness zones 5 to 10. Also, it is cold hardy to -10 F.

What to do with fiddle leaf fig fruit

If you are having indoor fig you don’t have to worry as it won’t produce any fruit. As indoor conditions do not provide the fig with the right growing conditions for growing flowers and fruits.

However, if you want your tree to produce edible fig fruit, try the fig variety that is classified as a fruit tree and not an ornamental tree. In general, the fig is widely popular as an ornamental plant due to its attractive foliage and aesthetic appearance.

Also, if you have decided to grow with fruit bearing fig variety take into consideration the growing requirements of the plant. Additionally, decide if you will grow the plant outdoors or indoors. If you want to grow outdoor figs choose fruit bearing tree that can grow in your hardiness zone.

Fiddle leaf fig fruit benefits

  • Fiddle leaf figs contain certain antioxidants which can lower cholesterol levels and help with certain liver conditions.
  • You can treat anxiety and other similar conditions.
  • The fig fruit contains chromone, flavonoids, and β-sitosterol, this all has a calming effect. 
  • It also helps to ease panic attacks, stress, and sleeping disorder.
  • The fruit has the ability to increase the excess fluid output through urine. Thus, preventing kidney stones.
  • Another fiddle leaf benefit of fruit is that it acts as a natural preservative for certain food types, including meat. 

Few questions on fiddle leaf fig fruit

Q1. Can I eat fiddle leaf fig fruit?

Ans. Although the fruits are not toxic, they don’t taste good! Even when ripe, the skin of the fiddle leaf fig fruit is leathery. There is no sweetness to them, they range from bland to a bit tart, and they have an unpleasant mouth-drying effect. That doesn’t sound very appetizing at all!

Q2. Will an indoor fig tree produce fruit?

Ans. It is rare for indoor fig trees to produce fruit. However, you can have a fig tree as a decorative plant at home.

Q3. How do I grow fruit from a fiddle leaf fig?

Ans. Provide fig plant abundance of light and humidity to grow fruit. In most cases, indoor fig does not receive the high amount of light that needs to develop fig. Thus, they rarely produce fruit indoors.


Apart from providing the glossy green leaves fiddle leaf fig do produce fruit. To develop fruit on a fig plant it needs a good amount of light and humidity. However, in indoor conditions, fig plant does not receive the light that they need to grow fruit. Hence, it is rare that your indoor fig will produce fruit.

Although fiddle leaf fig fruit is edible, they are not tasty. However, the fruit may not be tasty but it is highly beneficial to your health. The fig fruit can help you if you are having a sleeping disorder. Other benefits include treating anxiety, and panic attacks, preventing kidney stones, etc.

What questions do you have on fiddle leaf fig fruit? Feel free to ask in the below comment section.

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