20+ Fiddle Leaf Fig Benefits | Amazing Benefits of Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees

One of the biggest reasons to own fiddle leaf figs is because they are simply gorgeous. Additionally, they are fun to take care of. For any gardener enthusiast, these two reasons alone make fiddle leaf figs a favorite plant. 

However, apart from good looks, do you know your fiddle leaf fig benefits you? So, being fiddle fig parents is not only fun, but it is also beneficial for you.

From purifying your indoor air to positively impacting the feng shui of your room, it is an obvious choice to invest in fiddle leaf fig.

In this article, I have compiled a comprehensive list of the amazing benefits of fiddle leaf fig trees. After reading the article, you would be amazed at how many benefits your fiddle leaf fig has to offer you.

Amazing Fiddle leaf fig benefits

1. It will purify will indoor air

A fiddle leaf fig purifies indoor air for you. It removes chemicals such as formaldehyde, ammonia, and benzene from indoor air.

The fiddle plant purifies air better than any technology can. Also, it promotes healthy oxygens levels as they respirate.

So, if you want to make your indoor air breathable, try a fiddle leaf fig!

2. Promotes your physical health

Promotes your physical health

Fiddle leaf fig has been shown to elevate our moods, lower blood pressure, calm the nervous system and, boost the humidity in a space. These factors have a positive effect on your physical health.

Also, due to this reason, many companies are harnessing the power of indoor plants to promote wellness among their employees.

In a study, it has been proven that employees took 20% fewer sick days when they are surrounded by plants at their workplace.

So, why not add a fiddle plant to your workplace to feel better?

3. Boost mental well-being

These gorgeous trees have mental benefits! If your fiddle leaf fig has sprouted a new leaf, you will understand this.

Caring for this gorgeous tree is a wonderful way to feel accomplished. Also, many fiddle fig owners develop a bond with their plants. Like, as giving their plants names and becoming attached to them.

Pruning, repotting, propagating, watering, cleaning, and fertilizing fiddle leaf figs are extremely rewarding. Moreover, it is meditative sometimes. Why not? Because there is nothing like seeing a gorgeous plant grown under your care.

You can bring the soothing power of nature into your home with the fiddle leaf fig plant. Never underestimate the joy-bringing nature of an indoor fiddle fig plant.

4. Boost your concentration

The benefits of fiddle leaf figs don’t stop at well-being! Focus and productivity may also increase with fiddles.

Study results showed that elementary students did better in class when their classrooms contained live plant life. 

So, if you are having trouble focusing, spend some time around your fiddle. Maybe you will notice a difference in your concentration!

5. Fiddle leaf fig is a Feng Shui plant

Fiddle leaf fig is a Feng Shui plant

In feng shui, the fiddle leaf fig has various benefits. Its soft-edged, rounded leaves attract positivity. As a result, this positive energy nourishes your indoor space. So, to neutralize negative energy in a dark space, blocked corner, or sharp edge, bring a fiddle leaf fig plant.

Additionally, fiddle leaf fig plants represent prosperity and good fortune. So, placing them in the southeast can attract wealth and prosperity. As well, it is believed to place them in a north-facing direction for career growth.

As fiddle leaf figs can bear fruit in the wild, they are also symbolic of fertility. You can place one in your home in the east or south corner for positive energy.

6. They need minimal care

Under favorable indoor growing conditions, fiddle leaf figs need minimal care. So, if you are having a busy lifestyle, this plant is perfect for you.

Your fiddle leaf fig won’t need regular pruning. However, you need to prune the plant if you want to control the growth and remove dead and dying leaves.

Moreover, keep an eye out for any common fiddle leaf figs pests, and diseases. If you notice any brown spots, drooping foliage, or yellowing leaves, take immediate action.

7. Ornamental value

Ornamental value

The fiddle leaf fig has exceptional aesthetic appeal, especially indoors. You can see why it’s so popular from its look.

Its big lyre-shaped leaves and, dark green color make the Fiddle a striking plant. Their leathery texture contrasts with their delicate, undulating edges and prominent veins.

Depending on how mature your plant is, it may be small and clustered or tall and spindly. In any case, it has a very unusual tree-like shape.

In the home, fiddle leaf figs can be used as floor-standing statement plants or as end table decorations.

8. It is easy to propagate the fiddle fig plant

It is easy to propagate the fiddle fig plant

Fiddle leaf fig plants are relatively easy to propagate. So, if you want to add more plants to your home or give them away as gifts, this plant is a good option.

It is possible to root fiddle leaf fig leaves, but they will not produce stems and grow into plants. 

Instead, you can use a cutting that includes about 3 to 6 inches of stem from the plant to propagate a fiddle leaf fig.

9. Figs Tolerate Various Light Conditions

For fiddle leaf figs to thrive, they need 6 hours of bright, indirect, or filtered sunlight per day. 

Yet, they are also tolerant of environments with low light levels or only fluorescent lights. 

Hence, you can grow fiddle leaf figs in any environment, even if you lack natural light.

10. An Excellent Choice for Pollen Allergies

Individuals with allergies and sensitivities to latex may experience irritation from the plants. 

Skin irritations can occur when these particles are handled directly, and respiratory reactions can occur when they are inhaled.

However, fiddle leaf fig plants do not usually produce flowers when grown indoors, making them a good choice for people with pollen allergies.

11. It is drought resistant plant

If you are busy or forgetful, a fiddle leaf fig might be a good plant for you since it’s drought-tolerant. 

It is best to water the fiddle leaf fig regularly, but owners tend to forget sometimes. And it’s okay if you forget to water these beauties from time to time because they are pretty tolerant of dryness.

A less-is-more approach is best for fiddle leaf figs since root rot is very common. Only hydration is required once the top inch or two of soil is dry. However, be sure to plant your Fiddle Leaf in well-draining soil.

12. The fiddle plant has great therapeutic properties

The fiddle plant has great therapeutic properties

It is therapeutic to be around your fiddle plant, to look at it, and to take care of it.

There have been studies suggesting the benefits of fiddle leaf fig. These include reducing stress, anxiety, and depression symptoms. Also, it helps with addiction treatment, dementia patients, and lowering blood pressure.

You can improve your health just by taking care of your fiddle leaf fig tree.

13. Eliminate foul-smelling toxins

By removing foul-smelling toxins like formaldehyde and benzene from the air, fiddle leaf fig plants also freshen the air.

14. Provides better indoor acoustics

The plant leaves, stems, and branches actually help absorb sound waves in an indoor environment. 

The large, broad leaves of fiddle leaf figs absorb sound waves exceptionally well, improving the acoustics of an indoor space.

15. Enhances sleep quality

Enhances sleep quality

In the process of photosynthesis, the large leaves of fiddle leaf figs produce and emit a great deal of oxygen. When there is no sunlight to catalyze photosynthesis, the plant emits carbon dioxide at night.

In the daytime, fiddle leaf figs produce so much oxygen that they increase the oxygen level in your home. Thus, they help improve your sleep by promoting deep, restful sleep because of an abundance of oxygen.

16. Contains antibacterial properties

Researchers found that certain compounds extracted from fiddle leaf fig plants possess impressive antibacterial properties.

17. Fiddle leaf fig is affordable to purchase

One of the greatest benefits of fiddle leaf figs is that they are easy to find and affordable.

You can have one of these in your home without breaking the bank. So, you can enjoy their striking good looks and endless benefits.

18. It is easy to identify fiddle leaf fig health issues

It is easy to identify fiddle leaf fig health issues

The fiddle leaf fig tells you how it feels, which is an excellent benefit for keeping it healthy. If they feel unwell, their big, beautiful leaves will show it.

Root rot, dehydration, or chemical burn are usually the causes of yellowing and wilting. Also, brown leaves on a fiddle leaf fig could be a sign of scorching (by the sun) or a water-related problem. 

It may indicate that fig leaves aren’t receiving enough light if they are dropping. These symptoms are easy to spot, so they are easy to diagnose.

19. Helps preserve foods for longer durations

Food decays when bacteria break it down, so you need to save food from bacteria. Tennis, flavonoids, and phenolic compounds act as natural preservatives in many foods.

An extract of Fiddle Leaf Fig may possess antibacterial properties. The plant does not directly prevent decay, but it releases antibacterial substances from its leaves and other parts.

20. Can help in preventing Cancer

The American Cancer Society estimates that 1.9 million cancer cases have been diagnosed, and 609,360 have died from cancer.

The anti-diabetic, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and anticancer properties of fiddle leaf figs may help prevent cancer.

Additionally, the fig leaf extract is helpful for breast cancer patients with early-stage disease.

21. Promotes the Liver Health

Figs are loaded with flavonoids and phenols, which are antioxidants.

The Fiddle Leaf Fig contains antioxidants that help reduce cholesterol levels and heal liver fibrosis. As well as lowering triglyceride levels, fig leaves have anti-diabetic benefits as well.

Additionally, the plant prevents kidney stones by increasing the amount of excess fluid excreted in the urine.

Some quick questions about the fiddle leaf fig benefits

Is the fiddle leaf fig a good indoor plant?

Certainly! In USDA hardiness zones 9 through 11, fiddle leaf figs are winter hardy. However, they can also thrive in most indoor environments, making them great houseplants. 

They prefer temperatures between 60°F and 85°F and humidity levels between 35-60%. Also, do not place yours near doors to the outside or HVAC vents where they may be prone to drafts.

Are fiddle leaf figs considered lucky plants?

A fiddle leaf fig is a symbol of fertility, good luck, and abundance. 

According to feng shui principles, their large, rounded leaves attract positive and nourishing energy while neutralizing negative energy and poison arrows emanating from sharp corners.

Why are fiddle leaf figs so popular?

Among indoor gardening enthusiasts, fiddle leaf fig trees have become very popular. However, they can be a little challenging to keep absolutely healthy and beautiful. Yet, with the right growing conditions, a fiddle leaf fig adds a lot of visual interest.

Due to their popularity, fiddle leaf figs are easier to find than ever. Almost every home garden store sells them now at affordable prices.

Is fiddle leaf fig toxic?

Fiddle leaf fig contains insoluble calcium oxalate crystals that are toxic to humans, dogs, and cats.

If ingested, they can cause severe gastrointestinal upset as well as irritation to soft tissues.

Additionally, calcium oxalate crystals from the plant can irritate the skin when not handled with gloves.

So, when handling and repotting your fiddle leaf fig, wear protective gloves. Moreover, keep it away from pets and children.

What is the best place to place a fiddle leaf fig in a home?

If you want to grow a fiddle leaf fig in your home, place it in a location that receives plenty of bright, indirect sunlight throughout the day. Avoid placing your plant near cold or drafty windows, doors, or any heating or cooling vents.

Fig trees can be sensitive to changing environmental conditions. So, after you choose a spot for your fiddle leaf fig, commit to it. Moving the plants will stress and shock them, harming their health and stunting their growth.


Beauty with benefits is a perfect way to describe the fiddle leaf fig plant. As you have seen in the article, fiddle leaf figs have many benefits to offer. 

As it is a feng shui plant, it is best to place them in a southeast direction of your home. Also, if you are struggling to get sound sleep, it is a good option to place a fiddle fig leaf plant in your bedroom. As your fiddle leaf fig can enhance your sleep. 

Also, it’s okay if you are a forgetful person or have a busy schedule. Your fiddle plant will not mind if you skip its watering schedule sometimes. Thanks to its drought-resistant quality.

However, there are many things to thank this plant for. If you love learning about fiddle leaf fig benefits, share this knowledge with other fiddle leaf fig lovers.

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