ZZ Plant Pot: How to Choose the Best Pot for ZZ Plant

zz plant pot

Gardening has today, become a school of art that people have grown to appreciate in the best manner possible. People love to bring a little color to their homes and gardens and the most natural and beautiful way to go about this wondrous process of connecting with nature. One such way of going about decorating … Read more

ZZ Plant Yellow Leaves – Causes & How to Fix

zz plant yellow leaves

The ZZ plants are famous for being very durable and adding zing to your home or workspace in the best and most unique manner. One thing you need to know is that you will still need to work on the plant.  An important aspect of caring for your ZZ is taking care of its is … Read more

Raven ZZ Plant – Everything You Need to Know

raven zz plant

Are you wondering about adding the raven ZZ plant to your houseplant collection? Let me tell you, you have made a wise choice to add this stunning plant. There’s no doubt this black gorgeous plant will stand out among all your other green plants. Furthermore, it is easy to make new raven ZZ plants. All … Read more

ZZ Plant Dying – Causes and How to Fix Them

zz plant dying

Are your ZZ plants turning brown and drooping leaves? Do you feel your ZZ plants are dying? What are the signs and what are the causes? How can you save your ZZ plant from dying? Let’s find out! One of the great things about ZZ plants is their ability to endure even the worst of … Read more

ZZ Plant Pests and Diseases – How to Deal With Them

ZZ Plant Pests and Diseases

What are the most common ZZ plant diseases and pests, and how can you control them? Come on, let’s find out! Every plant owner has to deal with bugs at some point in their lives. Even your ZZ plant could be infected.  Aphids, mites, whiteflies, scales, mealybugs, and gnats are some of the bugs attracted … Read more

10+ Common ZZ Plant Problems and How To Fix Them!

zz plant problems

Read this article about the list of the most common problems that ZZ plants face and how to fix and prevent those problems! Take a note and read till the end if you want to keep your plant healthy! With glossy green leaves and interesting upright, curving stems, ZZ plants make delightful houseplants. Even though … Read more

How to Grow & Care for ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas Zamiifolia)

How to Grow _ Care for ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas Zamiifolia)

Looking for tips and tricks to care for your lovely ZZ plants?  ZZ plants are slow-growing plants and can thrive even in neglect. I can understand your situation as this plant’s a slow grower, however, it took about 3 years to grow in my home. I think this plant grows quickly with sufficient watering and … Read more

ZZ Plant Drooping: Reasons & How to Save It

zz plant drooping

Every house plant enthusiast struggles with drooping at some point in their life. If you notice your ZZ plant’s leaves or stems drooping, that’s not a good sign. Now the question is, How to fix ZZ plant drooping? Come on, let’s find out! Overwatering, underwatering, lack of nutrition, and stress are some of the reasons … Read more

Overwatered ZZ Plant: Signs & How to Save the Plant

overwatered zz plant

The popularity of ZZ plants is rapidly growing, and why not? They add bright foliage to dark rooms and need very little maintenance. It takes just a little bit of water and a little bit of light to keep ZZ happy.  Yet, some people get overexcited and overwater the ZZ plant. So, if you are … Read more

ZZ Plant Pruning: When, why, and how to Prune

zz plant pruning

How can you make your ZZ plant into a taller, fuller, straighter, and showstopper plant?  It’s probably no surprise that ZZ plants don’t grow fast. Besides, it can seem daunting to prune them after hard-earned growth for months, years, or more. Although ZZ Plants do not require regular pruning, trimming them can be beneficial in … Read more