Umbrella Plant Leaves Turning Brown and Falling Off – Causes and How to Fix It

umbrella plant leaves turning brown and falling off

Your Schefflera’s leaves may be turning brown for a variety of reasons, but don’t worry! We’ll find out what’s going on. Due to their distinctive leaves, Schefflera plants, also known as umbrella plants, are growing in popularity as houseplants because they require little maintenance. However, if you notice that the leaves on your Schefflera are … Read more

Repotting Umbrella Plant (Schefflera Plant) – Everything You Need to Know

repotting umbrella plant

Schefflera is commonly found in offices, homes, and other interior settings. These lovely houseplants are long-lived tropical specimens that are easy to grow and require little care. When the container is full, repotting a Schefflera is necessary. In the wild, in-ground plants can grow to be 8 feet (2 metres) tall, but you can easily … Read more

Umbrella Plant Soil Requirements | How to Choose Best Soil for Schefflera Plant

umbrella plant soil

The umbrella plant, also known as Schefflera, is well-known in the world of indoor plants for its lovely appearance and simple maintenance requirements. But even though it is easy to maintain, you need to know what kind of soil an umbrella plant needs if you’re thinking about buying one or repotting one. Umbrella plants prefer … Read more

Umbrella Plant Light – How Much and What kind of Light Required?

umbrella plant light

The umbrella tree, with its brilliant green oval leaves and umbrella-spoke pattern, is an aesthetically pleasing and modern house plant.  Umbrella plants, also widely recognized as umbrella trees, are low-maintenance houseplants that are popular due to their hardiness and ease of care. An umbrella tree’s clusters of shiny broad leaves cascade from its branches, filling … Read more