Peace Lily Leaves Turning Black – Causes & What to Do

peace lily leaves turning black

Have you noticed that your Peace Lily leaves are starting to turn black? It’s a scary sight, but don’t worry it doesn’t mean your plant is dying. Usually, Peace Lily leaves turn black due to fungus infections and pest infestations. There are other causes of black leaves, such as improper watering, overfertilization, and improper soil. … Read more

Peace Lily Brown Tips – Reasons & What To Do

peace lily brown tips

Do you have a peace lily plant in your home? If so, you may be wondering what to do about the brown leaves that appear on the plant.  There is no doubt that these plants add a nice touch of white beauty to your home or garden. Nevertheless, if you fail to take proper care … Read more

Peace Lily Yellow Leaves – 10 Possible Reasons and How To Fix It

peace lily yellow leaves

Glossy green leaves, stunning white spathes, and rich symbolism make peace lilies stunning houseplants.  Moreover, plants like these are perfect for novice houseplant owners as they need very little maintenance. However, if the peace lily leaves turn yellow, it’s worrying. Overwatering or underwatering can cause peace lily leaves to turn yellow. Also, it can be … Read more

20 Amazing Peace Lily Benefits for Physical & Mental Health

peace lily benefits

You are going to find out 20 amazing benefits of the peace lily plant in this article. After learning peace lily benefits I am sure you are going to love this plant more.  No doubt! Beautiful white flowers are the hallmark of peace lilies. However, did you know that it is capable of purifying your … Read more