Jade Plant Outdoor: How to Grow and Care

jade plant outdoor

Most people who are into gardening are familiar with the jade plant’s popularity as an easy-to-grow and easy-to-care houseplant. However, most people don’t know that you can find that in warm climates growing jade plants outdoors is an excellent option. The first thought that comes to mind when we think of jade plants, we think … Read more

Dying Jade Plant: Reasons and How to Revive

dying jade plant

The jade plant succulent is a one-of-a-kind, beautiful succulent that every plant lover adores. The adorable tiny green leaves quickly capture the hearts. Many gardeners like you and me experience some problems while growing a jade plant. Falling or curled up leaves or leggy growth and much more. These can result in a dying jade … Read more

Dwarf Jade Plant: How to Grow and Care

dwarf jade plant

It is common knowledge that plants are an amazing way to spruce up your homes most easily and elegantly. Whether it’s about adding color to our living room or generally improving the environment of our home, plants are a great way to go. Bonsai trees are the perfect fit for our homes and one particular … Read more

Leggy Jade Plant: Why and How to Fix it

leggy jade plant

Do you know jade plants are one the easiest indoor plants? These are low on maintenance and keep new plant parents happy. Although they make excellent houseplants, they can become stretchy and leggy if not given the proper growing conditions. You need to give special care to its needs to ensure that it becomes healthy … Read more

Jade Plant Turning Red: Why Does This Happen?

jade plant turning red

Jade plants are a species of succulents that are known to develop into very charming, almost Bonsai-like small trees when they grow older. These green beauties are known for their looks, but also their ease of care, and resilience.  Jade plants can live for as long as 100 years old if you take care of … Read more

Jade Plant Fertilizer: How and When to fertilize

jade plant fertilizer

Anyone who has ever shown interest in gardening knows that jade plants are amazing indoor plants. They are resilient and known to withstand a lot of tough conditions, without a lot of help.  But there still are some things that might affect your plants. To take care of your plant, you must fertilize them properly, … Read more