Hoya Lacunosa Varieties: Amazing Hoya Plant Types

hoya lacunosa varieties

Are you dreaming of growing fragrant flowers indoors that are easy to care for and propagate? Did you know, there are many varieties in Hoya Lacunosa? I know these questions might be arising in your mind. But trust me, if this is happening, then you are in the right place. In this article, I will … Read more

Hoya Pubicalyx Royal Hawaiian Purple – How To Grow And Care

hoya pubicalyx royal hawaiian purple

Are you planning to get a beautiful and fragrant indoor plant that spreads positivity in the home? If yes, then trust me, you are at the right place! I am here to suggest a plant that you will enjoy growing at home. Being a plant lover, I often bring new plants to my garden, and … Read more

Hoya Temperature Tolerance | What is the Ideal Conditions for the Hoya Plant

hoya temperature

Have you just bought a new Hoya plant and are getting worried about maintaining it in the right temperatures?  Then you have come to the right place. Let me tell you about my own experience of maintaining my hoya plants at the right temperatures.  While I was on a trip to Malaysia, I saw this … Read more

Hoya Sunrise – Everything You Need To Know (Grow, Care, Propagation And Problems)

Hoya Sunrise

Did you know that the Hoya sunrise plants are gorgeous plants that can be easily maintained indoors as well as outdoors? I just love the transformation of glossy hoya leaves from glossy green to enchanting blushes of pink or burgundy. It is a magical experience. These plants can be maintained easily even by beginners. Now, … Read more

Hoya Krimson Queen – The Ultimate Care Guide

Hoya Krimson Queen

If you are searching for a low-care attractive indoor flowering plant, then I will suggest the Hoya Krimson Queen plant and in this article, I will share the ultimate care guide of it. A friend of mine had invited me to her home for a party, it was then I first saw this beautiful indoor … Read more

Hoya Krimson Queen vs Princess: Understanding the Differences

hoya krimson queen vs princess

If you are searching for a low-care flowering indoor plant that looks beautiful, then Hoya Krimson queen and Hoya Krimson princess plants are the perfect choice as both are mostly suggested by plant lovers because they are easy to maintain and look beautiful. They enhance the look of your home. But, selecting one of them … Read more

Hoya Callistophylla- How To Grow And Care!

Hoya Callistophylla

Choosing an indoor houseplant can sometimes be difficult if you are searching for a low-maintained plant that blooms gorgeous flowers as well.  But what if I tell you that there is a plant that provides you with beautiful flowers and gorgeous foliage with low maintenance requirements as well? Yes, that plant’s name is Hoya Callistophylla.  … Read more

Hoya Serpens – Everything You Need To Know (Grow, Care, Propagation and Problems)

Hoya Serpens

Did you know that the Hoya Serpens is one of the most popular indoor plants that produce beautiful foliage and fragrant flowers? Do you want to know why it stood in the list of the top 100 indoor plants? Trust me, if you are having these questions in your mind, then you are at the … Read more

Hoya Pubicalyx Pink Silver Plant Care & Ultimate Growing Guide

hoya pubicalyx pink silver

Did you know that Hoya Pubicalyx is one of the most beautiful plants that can be kept indoors and maintained with low care? Today I will tell you all about Hoya Pubicalyx care! Who doesn’t love a gorgeous climbing and trailing waxy vine with low maintenance and with evergreen leaves and flowers growing every season … Read more

Hoya Lacunosa – Everything You Need To Know (Grow, Care, Propagation and Problems)

Hoya Lacunosa

Do you like plants that produce fragrant flowers and planning to get one? Are you dreaming of growing an indoor plant that grabs your attention wherever you look at it? Do you love the plant which produces vines that climb the walls of your kitchen? If you are having these questions in your mind, then … Read more