ZZ Plant Light Green Leaves – Reasons & How to Save Them

zz plant light green leaves

Are you also amazed by the social media beauty, “Zamioculcas zamiifolia, also known as the ZZ plant?” You may have seen this green plant on Instagram and Pinterest, which is well-known for quickly becoming the room’s talk. The ZZ plant is low on maintenance and can adapt to various weather conditions. It is now ranked … Read more

ZZ Plant Lighting: How Much, Ideal Condition, and Expert Lighting Tips!

zz plant lighting

Zanzibar Gem, also popularly known as the ZZ plant, is one of the most popular indoor plants. These can withstand harsh conditions. As a result, people believe that the ZZ plant is almost impossible to fail. ZZ plant light conditions are diverse and they can endure changes to a great extent. Some gardeners even claim … Read more

Dying Jade Plant: Reasons and How to Revive

dying jade plant

The jade plant succulent is a one-of-a-kind, beautiful succulent that every plant lover adores. The adorable tiny green leaves quickly capture the hearts. Many gardeners like you and me experience some problems while growing a jade plant. Falling or curled up leaves or leggy growth and much more. These can result in a dying jade … Read more

Leggy Jade Plant: Why and How to Fix it

leggy jade plant

Do you know jade plants are one the easiest indoor plants? These are low on maintenance and keep new plant parents happy. Although they make excellent houseplants, they can become stretchy and leggy if not given the proper growing conditions. You need to give special care to its needs to ensure that it becomes healthy … Read more